TUNE, a series of short sound residencies, is hosted at Haus der Kunst and explores the intersections of sound, music, and visual art. The invited artists move across genres, eras, and influences, and generate sonic responses and exchanges with the wider programming at Haus der Kunst.

The programme for 2024 moves between macro and micro experiences of sound, from the spiritual to the material, and from timelessness to the present. In resonance with the exhibition “Inside Other Spaces”, Ellen Arkbro and Marcus Pal will begin the TUNE-series. Both artists studied tuning systems with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, the duo who devised a series of permanent sound environments called Dream Houses – including an installation in Polling, outside Munich, and who believed that “The whole universe is vibrating…(Catherine Christer Hennix, The Wire 2018)." Chord by chord and tone by tone, Arkbro and Pal tune sound to space with attention to acoustic and psychoacoustic phenomena. They create environments where listening becomes an active process of creative participation, inviting the listener to gradually be absorbed into the sound itself.

Our interdependence with the natural world is also explored by the work of Meredith Monk, who alongside her survey exhibition “Calling” at Haus der Kunst, will perform, live, a selection of works from her oeuvre. Later in the series, voices, both human and nonhuman, are explored, as Jana Winderen uses advanced sonic sensing technology to investigate sound worlds hidden within the natural environment, opening audiences up to a new form of deep listening and understanding of the sounds that surround us. FUJI|||||||||||TA locates and elaborates on the previously unknown potential of his instruments, working with the timbre of different materials, including the natural resonances of water.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen. Eine Person spielt Trompete.
Ellen Arkbro & Marcus Pal. Concert. Photo: Constanza Melendez.
Ein Musiker und ein Instrument in Mitten von Menschen. Künstlergespräch.
Alex Zhang Hungtai. Artist Talk. Photo: Tanja Kernweiss.

Alongside the performance programme, an artist is invited to make a new acoustic work to be installed in the Terrassensaal for nine months. The Terrassensaal is a transitional space, in which the sound installation can be encountered. It offers the possibility to critically engage with sound and music as layered art forms that carry histories and meanings. The artist is also commissioned to produce sound for Haus der Kunst to use online to accompany digital content, and to play at live events. Their work becomes the voice of the museum.

Artists invited for 2024 include Ellen Arkbro, Marcus Pal, Meredith Monk, Puce Mary, Leila Bordreuil, Jim C. Nedd, Slauson Malone 1, DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos, nwakke, Hanne Lippard, FUJI|||||||||||TA, Hanne Lippard, Pavel Milyakov, Jana Winderen.

Curated by Sarah Miles.

Live Programme 2024

Ein dunkler Raum mit rotem Licht. Eine Person spielt ein Instrument. Eine Gruppe von Zuhörern.
Puce Mary, Leila Bordreuil. Concert. Photo: Milena Wohjan.
Ein dunkler Raum mit bunten Akzenten. Eine Person singt auf der Bühne vor Zuschauenden.
keiyaA & Dawuna. Performance. Photo: Tanja Kernweiss.
Eine Gruppe Personen schaut einen Film.
Katalin Ladik & Svetlana Maraš. Screening & Performance. Photo: Franz Kimmel.
TUNE 2024 wird unterstützt durch die UNITEL Musikstiftung.

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