21.6.24, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM




15 € regular | 12 € reduced | Free admission with “365 Live”


Friday, 21.6.24
8 pm | DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos, NWAKKE. Performance

Saturday, 22.6.24
6 pm | DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos, NWAKKE. Artist Talk
8 pm | DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos, NWAKKE. Performance

In June, three artists from different disciplines will come together for TUNE in the Westgalerie for a special event: DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos, and NWAKKE.

DJ Nigga Fox and Márcio Matos are rooted in the community of Príncipe Discos, a Lisbon-based record label that has evolved into a significant platform for the high-energy music of the Portuguese capitol over the past decade, drawing on the Lusophone-African roots of its producers and DJs, to transmit a distinct sound and poetics of going about things in a beautiful, unfair world. The label's visual style is characterised by the iconic artwork of artist and DJ Márcio Matos.

Rogério Brandão Luís, working under the name DJ Nigga Fox, has been one of major figures leading this movement. With numerous singles and EPs under his belt, alongside a pair of albums including 2024’s Chá Preto, he has charted a unique sonic terrain where complex syncopations pair up with musical motifs ranging from moody to frenetic, each chapter a wild entry into his psychedelic literature.

NWAKKE is the alias of artist Kendra Chiagoro-Noel. Informed by their African-Caribbean heritage and inquiries into health and psycho-somatic wellness, their work focuses on making sense of and expressing the pre-verbal, incorporating dance and music spiritualities, to hold the complexity and interconnectedness of space, time, land, and body.

For Tune, DJ Nigga Fox and Márcio Matos will present a newly commissioned collaborative work Jamba” on both evenings, a sound piece that will be performed and installed with new original visual works by Márcio Matos. NWAKKE will perform in response to the environment and composition. An installation of visual work and sound will also be on display throughout the weekend.

Additionally, on Saturday, there will be an artist talk with DJ Nigga Fox, Márcio Matos and NWAKKE, hosted by curator Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, with curator Sarah Miles. Participation in the artist talk is free, with no prior registration required.

Please buy your ticket for the performances online in advance.


This edition of Tune has been curated by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura with Sarah Miles.

TUNE 2024 is supported by UNITEL Musikstiftung

TUNE 2024 is supported by UNITEL Musikstiftung