Exhibition tours

On Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm and Thursdays at 7pm, we offer public guided tours through one of our exhibitions. Our art guides will introduce you to the key works of the respective exhibition and are available for an open exchange with you.

  • 1 hour / 5 € plus admission

Curator’s tour

Our curators guide you through the exhibitions they have designed, providing first-hand information and interesting insights into their work.

  • 1 hour / 5 € plus admission

Family tour

Going to the museum with the family? No problem! All ages are welcome on the family tours. The tours are designed for interaction and usually include a practical part.

  • 1 hour / 5 € plus admission

Baby listens in

A relaxed tour for parents with a baby? “Baby listens in” offers the opportunity to do so and takes place once a month. In a sling or stroller, your baby is part of the tour. Interested people without children are also welcome to attend.

  • 1 hour / 5 € plus admission

Guided tour in German Sign Language

For all major exhibitions, we offer guided tours in German Sign Language at fixed dates, which are aimed at a deaf audience. The art guide is deaf herself and the guided tour takes place without an interpreter.

  • 1 hour / 5 € plus admission per adult

Guided tour for the blind and visually impaired

This guided tour is aimed at blind and visually impaired people, their companions and sighted art lovers who would like to come into contact with art from a different perspective. The guided tour takes place approx. four times a year in changing exhibitions.

  • 1 hour / 3€ plus admission

Guided tour for senior citizens and people with dementia

Haus der Kunst offers guided tours tailored to the needs of older people. These are guided tours in which we would like to discover the works together with the group in conversation.

Guided tour & Yoga

The programme starts with a short guided tour of a current exhibition. The yoga then takes place in an empty exhibition hall and offers the space to reflect on the new impressions.

  • 1,5h / 15 € plus admission