Guided tours

Something for everyone: a guided tour through an exhibition, a curator’s tour, a family tour, a guided tour with baby, a guided tour in German sign language, a guided tour for blind and visually impaired people or a guided tour & yoga.

Various formats

Guided tours for groups

Whether it's a guided tour or a workshop - you can book our mediation offers for a closed group (circle of friends or colleagues, school classes, extracurricular group, etc.) at your desired date.

Conditions and booking

School classes and young groups

School classes and other groups with children or young people are always welcome. The current accompanying programme includes guided tours and workshops.

Accompanying programme

Children and young people

For children and teenagers who would like to come to Haus der Kunst outside of school, we offer a diverse programme that invites them to participate and explore.


Open Haus

Save the Date: On the last Friday of every month, admission is free between 4 pm and 10 pm for all exhibitions and a varied programme.

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