Workshop for "Liliane Lijn. Arise Alive"

Liliane Lijn is an artist who creates fascinating works from industrial materials such as Perspex or copper wire. She focuses on energy and light, but also on poetry and the role of women in society. She is inspired by physical processes and, in particular, by outer space. 

In a short guided tour in the exhibition, we will take a closer look at the artist's themes and working methods. We will then go to our studio, where the students will create a colourful and poetic kaleidoscope: a kind of poetry machine that delights with its light effects and surprising word combinations. 


From primary school age and above


approx. 2 hours


110 € incl. admission and 1 accompanying person

160 € plus admission for a private group



Workshop on AI and Art on “WangShui. Window of Tolerance

Haus der Kunst presents “Window of Tolerance”, the first institutional solo exhibition of WangShui in Europe. In paintings and a large screen sculpture, WangShui explores the interconnections between human and artificial intelligence.
While AI systems may be better at playing chess than the most talented humans, they will certainly never be able to compete with us in terms of creativity – or will they? Recent developments in the realm of computer-generated images and musical compositions are increasingly challenging this belief. During a two-and-a-half-hour workshop, we will look at how art-generating Artificial Intelligence works and who is actually creative in this process - the artists, the developers or the machines?

For the conceptualization and implementation of the workshop, Haus der Kunst collaborates with the association “KI macht Schule”. The technical realisation of the workshops is supported by NFON AG.

The workshop can also be booked for extracurricular groups.


from 14 years for pupils from the 8th grade onwards


approx. 2,5 hours


110 € incl. admission

Visit withouth guide

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Preparation for teachers and educators

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