Tune. Sound and beyond live at Haus der Kunst

Tune JJJJJerome Ellis

Tune. Sound and beyond live at Haus der Kunst

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With Wolfgang Voigt, Beatrice Dillon, Abdullah Miniawy, William Basinski, Crystallmess, Stephen O’Malley, Lucy Railton, Kali Malone, Galya Bisengalieva, Lolina, Jerome Ellis, Emiranda, Toxe, Mechatok, Caterina Barbieri, Okkyung Lee

For “Tune”, a series of short sound residencies at Haus der Kunst, artists are invited to present different strands of their work in the form of live performances of solo works and collaborations, screenings, and installations. It brings a special focus to artists working primarily in sound, and the opportunity for audiences to dive deeply into their worlds and practices. In 2022 the presentation of sound works continues in conversation with the exhibitions in the museum, with a focus on sound’s texture, form and modes of performance.

“Tune” is located between the realms of sound, music, and visual art. The invited artists move across genres, eras, and influences. Their practices are intensely focused, whether on microtonal composition or on exploring and expanding the sonic possibilities of a single instrument.

Works look at the finer details of how sound constructs and decomposes time, with structures that emerge and dissolve. The program looks at the nature of making and performing sound, whether through collages and narrative driven works, walls of sound, tight composition, and improvisation. As Fujiko Nakaya’s fog sculptures surround the museum walls for dreamlike transitions, sound works in “Tune” will form ephemeral moments, drifting between clarity and opacity.