7.10.23, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


15 € regular | 12 € reduced | Free admission with „365 Live“


Through a sonic practice that explores interconnectedness and transformation, Taiwanese-Canadian composer and musician Alex Zhang Hungtai creates music that transcends genre and medium. His Dirty Beaches project drew critical acclaim with the 2010 release of Badlands. Under other aliases he worked more improvisationally, reshaping various instruments and sounds into a form of ritual music.

For his TUNE residency, he will draw on the audio phenomenon of feedback, using a saxophone, gong and microphones, creating self-intensifying sonic spaces that underscore the plasticity of time and self.

Under the name Tadleeh, Indian-Italian artist Hazina is heavily involved in the Milan electronic music scene. With a background in Cinema Studies, Hazina is fascinated by the evolution of both diegetic and non-diegetic sound in film. From Foley artists using sizzling bacon to simulate the sound of a rainstorm, to the discordant sounds of broken instruments in a horror film, sound from unseen sources defines the atmosphere just as much if not more than the camera lens.

Currently, Tadleeh's sound installation My Bed, My Rules, commissioned by Haus der Kunst, can be experienced in the Terrassensaal.

6.10.23 | 8 pm | Concert: Alex Zhang Hungtai

On Friday, 6.10, the TUNE residency starts with a solo performance by Alex Zhang Hungtai.

7.10.23 | 7 pm | Concert: Tadleeh
7.10.23 | 8 pm | Concert: Alex Zhang Hungtai
7.10.23 | 9 pm | Artist Talk: Alex Zhang Hungtai

On Saturday, 7.10. the second evening of the Tune Residency, two performances in two different rooms of the Haus der Kunst explore the dimensions of consciousness and autonomous sound. Artist Tadleeh will perform live in the Terrassensaal, where her sound work My Bed, My Rules is installed from 28.7.23 - 21.1.24. Alex Zhang Huntai will then perform in the auditorium and end the evening with an artist talk with curator Sarah Miles.

Please buy your ticket online in advance. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the museum box office half an hour before the start.