The TUNE programme for 2023 begins with music that is radically free, pushing the boundaries of improvisation, and which questions who it is for and how it is created. Space is made for a heightened group experience, and what Alvin Curran describes as “plain musical vulcanism”, often in reaction to the political and social context in which it is made. Curran’s work will form an echo to that of Joan Jonas, a longtime creative collaborator, with a shared passion for spontaneity, and non-linear structures and assemblages.

Through post-punk, dub, metal, free jazz, and experimental electronics, the line between composition and improvisation in the unfolding programme becomes blurred. Raw emotions and their expression form a connecting thread, enabled by group dynamics and creative intuition, and artists work collectively. A focus on the voice and direct expression unfolds, inspired by the work of Meredith Monk, and the voice is presented in all its power and vulnerability. Lyricism, neo-blues, soul and R&B guide introspection and intimacy, while the space between the sound and meaning of words is excavated, exposing the primeval and the instinctive. As with the work of Katalin Ladik, instability becomes a generative force creating space that is not static and overly defined, but open and with potential. The body is an instrument, and music is sourced from the depths within.

After Ihor Okuniev’s work Land is Tadleeh's My Bed, My Rules the third commission for the Terrassensaal. The Indian-Italian artist is fascinated by the evolution of both diegetic and non-diegetic sound in film. From Foley artists using sizzling bacon to simulate the sound of a rainstorm, to the discordant sounds of broken instruments in a horror film, sound from unseen sources defines the atmosphere just as much if not more than the camera lens.

For parts of TUNE in 2023 Haus der Kunst collaborates with Bourse de Commerce. From Paris to Munich, the two institutions will unveil joint musical projects, confronting different generations of artistic avantgarde, and weaving links between contemporary art and music.

Live Programme 2023

  • 20. & 21.1. Alvin Curran
  • 24. & 25.2. Standing on the Corner
  • 18. & 19.3. Lifetones
  • 20. & 21.4. Phew
  • 25. & 26.5. Still House Plants & Exotic Sin
  • 23. & 24.6. keiyaA & Dawuna
  • 14. & 15.7. Katalin Ladik & Svetlana Maraš
  • 6. & 7.10. Alex Zhang Hungtai & Tadleeh 
  • 3. & 4.11. Joanne Robertson & guests: Kool Music, Oliver Coates, Sidsel Meineche Hansen
  • 1. & 2.12. Nivhek with a film by Takashi Makino