Welcome to Haus der Kunst in 2024

The programme for 2024 continues our process of interconnecting and bridging trans­disciplinary approaches, transnational outlooks, canon reevaluations, and inter­genera­tional innovators.  TUNE continues, Haus der Kunst‘s series of monthly sound and music resi­den­cies, so does our commitment to live and liveness in a growing digital world, and to learning and engagement — all fundamental instruments of the programme.

The theme of voice, a backbone for 2023, continues and expands. Language and new languages represent the next stage. Be it through installations, motored objects, moving bodies, and performativity, the visionary women artists who open solo exhibitions in 2024 orchestrate the interplay of bodies, machines, moving images, sound and light in new and diverse languages, echoed across time and space. Through these artists, the building becomes a stage for their choreographies, and through its manipulation, the trans­formation into a new living organism continues.

We aim to give shape to an institution where everyone coming can understand themselves as a living community. We look forward to welcoming you at Haus der Kunst for this journey.

Andrea Lissoni and Emma Enderby

Luisa Baldhuber. Afterglow
23.2.–15.12.24 | Staff Entrance

Pan Daijing. Mute
9.3.–14.4.24 | Westgalerie

Liliane Lijn. Arise Alive
5.4.–22.9.24 | Nordgalerie

Rebecca Horn
26.4.–13.10.24 | Ostgalerie

Samaneh Atef – Belén Sánchez – Desmond Tjonakoy. euward9
17.5.–14.7.24 | Südgalerie

All year | Westgalerie, Terrassensaal, Auditorium

Martino Gamper. Sitzung
extended until 27.10.24 | Mittelhalle