In 2024 Haus der Kunst will again welcome the winners of the euward European Award for Painting and Graphic Arts. Since 2000, the Augustinum Foundation has awarded the prize every three years to artists working in the context of cognitive impairment, to strengthen their presence and recognition within the art world.

Samaneh Atef's (b. 1989, Bandar Abbas, Iran) intense pen and ink drawings address her own experiences as well as female history. As an Iranian woman and artist, she has a clear message: equality for women in her home country and around the world. Since leaving Iran, Atef has lived in the south of France.

The work of the Spanish multimedia artist Belén Sánchez (b. 1972, Madrid, Spain) includes not only drawing and collage but also sculpture, photography, film, and performance. The focus is on her own body, with which Belén Sánchez tells stories of aggression and healing.

Desmond Tjonakoy (b. 1993, Amsterdam, Netherlands) is of Ghanaian descent. Using pencil and fine liner, he works on visual themes related to Black culture, music history and religion. Recently, Desmond Tjonakoy draws on political themes that are addressed by Black emancipatory movements.

Over 240 artists from 25 countries applied for euward9. In addition to the award winners, the following artists were nominated: Rudolf Bodmeier, Markus Buchser, Sven Freundt, Hannes Gaensslen, Wulf Golz, Torsten Holzapfel, Enes Icer, Sandrine Mbala, Sabine Münch, Jeroen Pomp, Paul Kai Schröder, Patrick Siegl, Jakob Ujvari, Rolf Waldvogel, Christian Wollert, and Magdalena Zehetner. Their works will also be shown in the framework of euward9.

Project manager Sabine Brantl

Curated by Klaus Mecherlein, Augustinum Stiftung



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