The live-exhibition by artist and composer Pan Daijing (b. 1991, Guiyang, China) encompasses choreography, architectural intervention, sound, and moving images. Her largest solo exhibition to date will manifest as an ever-evolving environ­ment. It invites the audience on a journey that spans the entire Westgalerie and adjacent spaces inside and outside the building.

Daijing’s works develop a symbiotic relationship with the spaces in which they unfold. At Haus der Kunst the artist creates a series of installations that integrate architectural elements of the building, reroute the gaze, and open up unseen spaces. In a choreography exploring stillness and liveness, a performance ensemble activates a process of transformation. The durational performances throughout the six weeks of the exhibition aim to distort oppositions between inside and outside and the perception and velocity of time. The audience is invited to immerse themselves, following or erasing traces left by the performers.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a monograph on Pan Daijing will be published in collaboration with Tai Kwun Contemporary.

“Mute” is commissioned by Haus der Kunst München. With the support of Y.D.C. and JNBY. With additional support for the performance by Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Goethe-Institut; and Kemmler Foundation, an initiative of Kemmler Kemmler GmbH.

Curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer with Lydia Antoniou, Emma Enderby, and Andrea Lissoni

Image: © Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing. Mute

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