ECHOES is a live programme of performances that explores the question of what liveness means in the present. Following the first edition in 2022 which dealt with embodied memories, ECHOES 2023 is dedicated to artificial and non-human forms of intelligence. By embodying human and more-than-human voices, Echoes tries to get in touch with other lifeforms.

An echo is a soundwave reflected from a distant surface which reverberates across geographies. Similarly, ECHOES at Haus der Kunst München reflects the thematic arc of the larger programme: the voice - and its consequences and manifestations - plays an important role in the exhibitions by Katalin Ladik and Meredith Monk. Indigenous knowledge and forms of expression are central to the works of Karrabing Film Collective. The joint creative work of humans and artificial intelligence (AI) will be thematised in WangShui's exhibition, “Window of Tolerance”, which is on view from September.

ECHOES always offers something to take home. This year, the artist Sarah Friend is developing a “digital echo” for Haus der Kunst. In the interactive project, visitors actively engage with blockchain technology and generate their own NFT.

With DEBIT, Sarah Friend, Luis Garay & Slim Soledad, Angela Goh, Lyra Pramuk, Tiara Roxanne, Kíani del Valle.


Friday, 21.7.23
7 pm: Luis Garay & Slim Soledad. Performance. Love is in the Mouth
8.15 pm: Lyra Pramuk. Concert

Saturday, 22.7.23
2 pm: Tiara Roxanne. Performance. (De)Coding the Body
4 pm: Sarah Friend. Artist Talk. Mirror Piece
7 pm: Angela Goh. Performance. Body Loss
8.15 pm: DEBIT. Concert. The Long Count

Sunday, 23.7.23
5 pm: “Practices of Listening“. Talks & Tours through “Katalin Ladik. Ooooooooo-pus“ with Luis Garay
7 pm: Kianí del Valle. Performance. AI Transmutations
8 pm: Delia Betriz, Kianí del Valle, Anna Diaz. Artist Talk

Curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer with Teresa Retzer and Malene Hagen. Supported by Malene Hagen (project assistant).

With the ECHOES pass for 35 € you have free access to the events of the live exhibition on all three days. It is available at the museum box office and online. You can pick up your ECHOES pass at the Haus der Kunst box office on your first visit to ECHOES by presenting your online ticket. So please plan some extra time for this.