WangShui. Window of Tolerance


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Exhibition overview

Haus der Kunst presents “Certainty of the Flesh”, the first institutional solo exhibition of WangShui (b. 1986) in Europe. WangShui develops sprawling socio-political narratives that integrate nature, technology and living beings. They work across video, sculpture and painting and often incorporate machine learning to create live installations.

The exhibition at Haus der Kunst simulates non-human bodies in a future where technologically supported extensions of the self transform interpersonal communication and corporeality. The exhibition includes three generations of ethereal paintings co-authored with AI, and the new installation Certainty of the Flesh, which consists of customised LED screens that are interwoven with each other and with the surrounding architecture of Haus der Kunst. Inspired by science fiction, ancient mythologies and scripts of contemporary reality TV, an algorithmically generated “artificial drama” develops in real time. WangShui’s work forms windows into virtual worlds. It is exhibited in dialogue with “Inside Other Spaces” and presents a contemporary perspective and lineage on the notion of the environment.

Curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer with Teresa Retzer.