This year and beyond, Sound will become an integral feature of the Haus Der Kunst’s programming, with a series of in-house music residencies, a new sound commission that will permeate the Terrace Hall for one year, a sonic identity for all original HDK online content, and various sound happenings taking place throughout the year in correspondence with ongoing exhibitions.

In 2021, the artists invited to take part in the new sound programme are investigating, through their own distinct practices, the ways in which sound flows through, intersects and alters the realm of the material. Working with histories both communal and personal, real and imagined, these artists weave sound into mythic tapestries, creating sensual conduits where new stories are told and new feelings felt. They conjure the unknown to challenge the conditions of perception, demonstrating how sound can both orientate and disorientate.

By using sound’s power to directly shape experience, tell stories, and create connections, these artists find themselves with a distinct world-making ability, and the works they will share reflect the care with which they wield that ability. Sound is the most primary of the senses, and yet sound is also the form of expression that is most easily denuded of its contexts, allowing it to move freely across and through cultures, constantly being recoded - exploited and often used to exploit.

When care is given not just to read sound but to be affected by it, to live within it for a time, it reveals itself to us in its fullness. It has an immensely physical character, and simultaneously connects us to the ethereal. The artists in this year's programme bring forward these possibilities of sound.

From the physical effects that sound waves have on matter itself, to the ways in which disputed genealogies of sound temper our experience of it, the field of sound is wide open for artists willing to contend with its possibilities. Once a month Haus Der Kunst will host a musician for a short residency of 2-3 days, where they will be invited to share different strands of their work and research, in different formats, and across different spaces in the museum

The new acoustic commissioned work by artist and musician Lamin Fofana will be installed in the Terrassensaal from June 2021 to March 2022. Additionally, he will be creating acoustic pieces to accompany all of Haus der Kunst's online content, and will also host multiple acoustic events within the museum. The presentation of his work adopts a radically new approach, intertwining the museum's internal activities with its online presence – thus, leaving a lasting impact of acoustic influences on our memory.

Live Programme 2021

  • 7. & 8.7. Nkisi
  • 8.7. Lamin Fofana
  • 23. & 24.9. Kelman Duran
  • 8. & 9.10. Chuquimamani-Condori & Joshua Chuquimia Crampton