This edition – 100 exemplars with 5 A.P. – depicts the legendary Feather Room (1966–2023) in its memorable presentation at Haus der Kunst as part of the exhibition “Inside Other Spaces. Environments by Women Artists 1956–1976”. 

The Feather Room is one of the first remarkable environments ever conceived in the US, and represents a fundamental step forward in the art history of the second half of the XX century. A soft and airy room that induces a sense of lightness and suspension of time, the environment can be read as in critical dialogue with the tradition of hard materials adopted in the history of male-dominated sculpture and architecture. 

Judy Chicago (b. 1939), is an American artist known for her feminist practice, which critically questions male power structures in society and the role of women. Her fundamental role in the arts of the last sixty years has been widely acknowledged through publications and solo exhibitions in the most relevant museums and art institutions all over the world.  

Carefully conceived by Judy Chicago, the edition is based on a photo shot by Agostino Osio. 


Judy Chicago
100 + 5 A.P.
Giclée Print Hahnemühle Bambo 290 g paper
25 cm x 37,7 cm, surrounding margin of 3 cm
250 €

Judy chicago edition klein