14.9.24, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM




15 € regular | 12 € reduced | Free admission with “365 Live”


Friday, 13.9.24
8 pm | FUJI|||||||||||TA. Concert

Saturday, 14.9.24
6 pm | FUJI|||||||||||TA. Artist Talk
8 pm | FUJI|||||||||||TA. Concert

Just as Liliane Lijn makes the invisible visible in her artistic work, TUNE in the second half of 2024 invites us to hear the invisible. In September, FUJI||||||||||TA will come to Haus der Kunst to present sounds that listeners have never heard before. Over two evenings, he will perform concerts in the auditorium and participate in an artist talk.

FUJI||||||||||TA is a Japanese sound artist and composer known for creating unique sound art and music based on natural phenomena. His work focuses on exploring previously unheard sounds and noises, for which he builds his own instruments. In 2009, he hand-fabricated a pipe organ with eleven pipes and an air pump called “fuigo,” modelled after a traditional blacksmith's one. Remarkably, he built it from his imagination without prior knowledge and without a keyboard. This instrument is designed to create a soundscape rather than function as a musical instrument, drawing inspiration from “gagaku,” a form of Japanese classical music historically used for imperial ceremonies and dances.

FUJI||||||||||TA experiments with the timbre – the unique character and quality of a sound – of different materials. He uses his voice and also the sounds of highly amplified water. He developed a series of water tanks that, with pumps and amplifications, became new musical instruments. In 2020, he contributed to the Boomkat “Documenting Sounds” series by recording in a cave at the foot of Mt. Fuji, combining his custom-built pipe organ in a duet with a colony of bats native to the area. His minimalist and meditative album “iki,” released in 2020, gained him international recognition.

As part of TUNE, FUJI||||||||||TA will perform various works on two evenings and speaks in an artist talk with curator Sarah Miles.

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TUNE 2024 is supported by UNITEL Musikstiftung