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This publication charts the Haus der Kunst München exhibitionTrace — Formations of Likeness”, drawn exclusively from The Walther Collection. The exhibition explores portrait photography and the tracing of societal transformation across geographic spaces as well as contrasting sociopolitical and cultural landscapes. Portrait photography has been deployed as a means to shape identity, to advocate for social change, and as a subversive strategy for visibility, often through an intimate investigation of the politics of memory, history, and embodiment.

This book encompasses works from the last two hundred years and brings together artists from Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The juxtaposition of archival, documentary, and vernacular photography offers a global context to reflect on the divergent trajectories of historical and contemporary photography today. Collectively, these works showcase the medium’s capacity as both an instrument for empowerment and a formation of the self, as well as its complex uses as a tool for control and subjugation.

Published by Anna Schneider with Hanns Lennart Wiesner at VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst GmbH.

With contributions by Andrea Lissoni, Anna Schneider, Mark Sealy and Artur Walther.

The catalogue is available in German and English. During the exhibition, the catalogue can be purchased for 20€ at Haus der Kunst.

The catalogue is available at the Walther König bookshop at Haus der Kunst. Shipping within Germany is free of charge, shipping within the EU costs 16€.


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HDK Trace Ausstellungskatalog Cover