About the Edition

Sarah Sze challenges the static nature of sculpture. She dismantles its authority creating dynamic constellations of materials that are charged with flux, transformation and fragility. Her immersive and intricate works question the value society places on materials and how they ascribe meaning to the places and times we inhabit.

In Point for Point, Sze utilizes multiple processes including silkscreen, archival inkjet and monoprint, to document the build up and break down of an image on the two-dimensional plane. Culling from the onslaught of digital and analog information that surrounds us daily, Sze orchestrates divergent images – personal, searched, found – into a maelstrom of activity that simultaneously converges at the center and pushes to the edges. A single blue ring of paint, from the lip of a cup, stamps the surface of each print – a material imprint of the artist’s hand and a remnant of the studio process.  

The title of the edition Point for Point was taken from Jorge Luis Borges’ On Exactitude in Science, which tells of “a map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it.” As the map in the story is neglected and left to rot, it morphs in and out of the physical landscape, leaving it in constant transition between reality and simulation.


Signed, dated and numbered

Sarah Sze
Silkscreen, archival inkjet, monoprint
Image Size 43,81 x 38,73 cm – Print Size 57,15 x 44,45 cm
2.300 € (including VAT plus shipping costs)

Edition point for point sze17 offentlichkeit