About this exhibition catalogue

This Reader is published on the occasion of Karrabing Film Collective’s exhibition at Haus der Kunst München. Currently numbering about fifty members, the Collective see their creative practice as a possible form of self-organisation and grassroots resistance, in which artistic languages developed at a local level let the audience understand new forms of collective Indigenous agency. In a similar manner, this Reader eschews the usual singular authoritative tone and instead provides a myriad of voices and entry-points to Karrabing’s unique social, cultural and historical oeuvre. Comprising a variety of texts, interviews and polemics, the publication explores what can be learnt about today’s society from Karrabing’s unique filmic and methodological language.

Published by Haus der Kunst

With contributions by Damian Lentini, Elizabth A. Povinelli, Vivian Ziherl, Kirsty Howey, Tess Lea, Matariki Williams, May Adadol Ingawanij, Richard Bell, and Paola Balla


in English
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