About the Edition

The print Honey bee is based on drawings of bees that featured in Joan Jonas’ work They Come to Us Without A Word (2015) for the American Pavilion at the 56th Venice Bienniale. The four-part installation, which comprises drawings and video projections, is dedicated to the fragility of the natural world with its endangered non-human actors, casting a cautionary glance into the past and the future. Created by means of Rorschach inkblots, these depictions of bees form the first thematic focal point, namely the complex ecosystem of the honeybee. The series of drawings is accompanied by a quote from the novel Under the Glacier (1968) by the Icelandic writer and Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness, in which he humorously describes the perfect symbiosis of bee and flower as a supernatural phenomenon. With this, Jonas builds a bridge to her previous work Reanimation (2010/12/13), which is inspired by Laxness’ novel and poetically addresses the threats to glaciers and their non-human inhabitants. Honey bee (2015/22) springs from Jonas’s ongoing preoccupation with pressing ecological issues in the face of climate change and the extinction of endangered species. At the same time, the Rorschach technique references Jonas’s fundamental experimentation with drawing and forms of mirroring—practices that run throughout her interdisciplinary oeuvre.


dated, numbered, signed on the front side

Joan Jonas
50 + 5 A.P.
Giclée print on Hahnemühle William Turner paper 190g
50 x 64,5 cm
1.000 € incl. VAT

HDK Joan Jonas Honey bee