Martino Gamper. Sitzung


Exhibition, July 2023 - March 2024

Exhibition overview

Martino Gamper is an Italian designer, born in 1971. His practice challenges boundaries between design and visual arts and encompasses exhibition design, interior design, special commissions, and the design of products for the international furniture industry. Constantly looking for new ways to engage with and activate design within our everyday lives, Gamper’s work sits across art, design, performance, and curation.

For Haus der Kunst, Gamper is working on a project that will allow engaging differently with the spaces of the Mittelhalle, suggesting a new approach to inhabiting public space, being welcomed, and feeling involved in the public realm. Gamper will create a series of new and only locally produced chairs that will be displayed, used, and moved throughout the spaces. However, the display will never be static and the chairs will be constantly reconfigured by the staff and the public during the run of the exhibition turning the Haus der Kunst into a social space — to gather, to rest, and to play. The reconfigurations will follow 100 thoughts that Gamper will deliver at the beginning of the project, suggesting a choreography that will transform the appearance of the whole space two to three times a week.

The project highlights the path toward new forms of learning and engagement that Haus der Kunst will start in 2023. This is a cooperation project between Martino Gamper, the curatorial team and the cultural education team at Haus der Kunst.