Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, The Killing Machine, 2007, mixed media audio installation, pneumatics, robotics, installation view Haus der Kunst 2012, Courtesy Sammlung Goetz, München, photo: Wilfried Petzi

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller — Works from the Goetz Collection

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This exhibition is closed.


Exhibition overview

The exhibition presents eight works by the Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, who, by combining image and tone and replicated spaces, activate as many of the viewer's senses as possible to make the depicted events as real as possible. In their works, Cardiff and Miller generate mental images that allow whole stories to emerge that each person can experience individually. Direct communication via headphones, such as "Did you turn off the oven before we left?" in The Paradise Institute, or camera work shot from the actor's perspective, enable the viewer to feel the portrayed events almost physically. 

In the video installation Hill Climbing, a 45-second loop, a hike over a snowy hill is shot from the perspective of the hiker, who falls at the end. Via headphones, the visitor hears the hiker's breathing and a dog's barking; this evokes memories of individual experiences and generates a greater awareness of the body as an organism. The artist duo's eight installations from Sammlung Goetz merge reality and fiction and disclose the illusionist apparatus of the media.