11.7.24, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM




25 € including Hausticket regular | 20 € reduced | Free for annual pass holders


This workshop series with the motto "Exploring being human" is about an expanded experience of being human - less in thinking, more in feeling, less in wanting, more in being. A way to understand Rebecca Horn's works more deeply and to implement impulses in one's own life.

The workshops are conducted by Roland G. Krügel, breathing therapist BV-ATEM® and alternative practitioner. He runs a breathing therapy practice in Munich and Peißenberg. You can find out more about his background here.

In her artistic work, in drawings, mechanical sculptures, installations, performances and films, Rebecca Horn repeatedly takes up human gestures, voice, movements and dance, fragments them and has them performed in mechanically motorized sculptures. In doing so, she transcends the everyday and creates space for new perspectives. Surrounded by her installations and works in the main room of the exhibition, we want to get inspired during the workshops.

This series of workshops is about breath and movement as an expression of the living. Through a deepened physical experience, one's own breathing rhythm and breathing vitality can be experienced. The inner movement can thus find a more authentic expression. Meditative, empathic communication exercises deepen self-awareness and can provide impulses for a more creative and freer life.

The individual workshops build on each other, but can also be attended individually. This cycle will be repeated in the course of the exhibition.

Please wear comfortable clothing and warm socks.

11.7.24 | 7-9 pm
I Who am I
Exploring qualities of being - thinking, sensing, feeling

Human health is based on the harmony of body, mind and soul. The free breath has a vitalizing, harmonizing and consciousness-awakening effect. Intuitive abilities can be expanded and become a guide.


  • Breath and movement according to Prof. Ilse Middendorf
  • Slide exercises for self-exploration (meditative, empathic communication)

25.7.24 | 7-9 pm
II Change of perspective
Past - present - future

Rebecca Horn's mechanical installations indirectly draw attention to authentic movement and the living. How can we escape the hamster wheel of identification and conditioning? The research on offer this evening ranges from movement and breathing experiences to meditative, empathic communication.


  • Breath and movement according to Prof. Ilse Middendorf
  • Awareness exercise according to Christian Meyer and Eli Jaxson Bear

8.8.24 | 5-7 pm
III Breathe freely 
Transformation through the power of breath

Rebecca Horn has "isolated" physical movement sequences in many of her works, thereby emphasizing their importance. On this evening we will explore the primal physical and mental movement of breathing in order to experience and understand ourselves more deeply as part of life. "Breath work" is an intensive breathing technique that can clarify our own life themes and resources.


  • Breath and movement according to Prof. Ilse Middendorf
  • Breath work according to Scott Schwenk - please bring mats or blankets

12.9.24 | 7-9 pm
IV Dance your way free
Transformation through the power of dance

Rebecca Horn has explored the choreographed form of dance in films such as Der Eintänzer. Dancing is an original expression of life, but also an expression of an idealized beauty of movement - in stark contrast to Japanese butoh dance. In this aspect of the workshop series, "exploring being human" means: how does an unforeseen dance expression emerge from a relaxed movement, as a solo or duet? For this workshop there is no previous dance experience necessary.


  • Breathing and movement according to Prof. Ilse Middendorf
  • Contact Improvisation - New Dance

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