22.2.24, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM




5 € plus admission | Free for annual pass holders


Curator Sarah Johanna Theurer gives a guided tour through WangShui's solo exhibition “Window of Tolerance”. It focuses on WangShui's artistic collaboration with Artificial Intelligence (AI), thereby taking a closer look at the visual language and the importance of the screen in WangShui's work in particular.

“Window of Tolerance” is WangShui's first institutional solo exhibition in Europe and the work Certainty of Flesh, produced specifically for Haus der Kunst sets new standards in artistic co-creation between humans and AI.

The exhibition encapsulates the psychological cycle of perpetual change and adaptation, seamlessly mirrored in both the artist's paintings and the live simulation Certainty of the Flesh. The video work is generated in real-time and models an alien community whose behaviors are conditioned but unpredictable. WangShui produced the dataset of movements and sounds for the AI that now drives the fictional narrative, displayed across multiple LED screens. The avatars in the live simulation are also in constant flux, incorporating the constant psychological evolution of humans into their non-human communication and self-representation features.

Please buy your tour ticket online in advance. Any remaining tickets might be available for purchase at the ticket office. The group size is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. You can buy your ticket for the exhibition either online or at the ticket office.