3.3.24, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM




15 € regular, 12 € reduced incl. exhibition tickets at Haus der Kunst and Villa Stuck | Free for annual pass holders | Meeting point 11 am at Haus der Kunst


“Artist altars” or “shrines” can be found in the works of the Symbolist painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and architect Franz von Stuck (1863—1928) as well as in those of the artist and musician Meredith Monk (b. 1942, New York City) — connecting them in unexpected ways across epochs and art forms.

Together with Margot Th. Brandlhuber, curator at Museum Villa Stuck, and Teresa Retzer, curator at Haus der Kunst, we visit three installations, “shrines,” from the exhibition “Meredith Monk. Calling” at Haus der Kunst, and then proceed together to Villa Stuck to explore the artist altars in Franz von Stuck's comprehensive work of art.

The guided tour explores the fascinating similarities and differences between the two artists.

Altar der Sünde

As a prominent figure at the turn of the 19th century to the modern era and a shaping force, not only of the Munich Secession movement, Franz von Stuck was celebrated internationally around 1900 as Germany's most significant artist. Stuck's visual motifs are dominated by his figures. They were so successful because they represent archetypes that, in Stuck's words, embody “the purely human, the eternally valid.” The themes and motifs he picked up address fundamental patterns of human behavior with timeless validity. His subjects draw their strength from the power of ancient and biblical myth. The artist's affinity for Symbolism is evident. The imaginative painting that seeks to fathom the contemporary, modern human dressed in the garb of ancient gods and mythical creatures underwent a new formulation through Franz von Stuck. It forms the central theme of the exhibition, portraying him as a leading figure in painting in the age of psychology.

HDK Meredith Monk Fritz Beck 73

Meredith Jane Monk is an American composer, singer, dancer, filmmaker, and choreographer. “Meredith Monk. Calling” is the most comprehensive survey to date of the celebrated American artist, presenting works from across the last six decades. Monk (b. 1942, New York City) seamlessly works across disciplines — pushing the boundaries of music, theatre, dance, video, and installation — while at the core, continuously exploring the evocative power and dimensionality of the human voice. Her interdisciplinary approach has had a significant influence on subsequent generations of artists and performers. While Monk is widely recognised in the worlds of music and theatre, the exhibition at Haus der Kunst will be the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to her immersive work. The show presents major works from her oeuvre as multi-sensorial, innovative installations, embracing the cross-disciplinary way in which she has worked throughout her career.

The event takes place as part of LAST EXIT VILLA STUCK, as the Museum Villa Stuck bids farewell to its interim location in Goethestraße 54 until the summer of 2025 due to technical revitalization.

Following the guided tour, all participants are invited to the “Hochzeitskapelle” concert at Villa Stuck starting at 1 pm.

The meeting point is at 11 am at the Haus der Kunst. Please buy your ticket online in advance.