Installation: Beatrice Dillon Impossible Ideal Angle

On Saturday, 12.2. the installation will only be accessible until 3 pm

Beatrice Dillon is an artist and musician based in London. Originally trained in visual art, her work brings together interests in rhythm, spatial sound, process-based systems using synthetic and acoustic sound. Chosen as The Wire Magazine’s “Album of 2020”, her release Workaround (PAN) combines FM synthesis with analogue instrumentation and draws on influences including Afro-Caribbean rhythmic traditions and painter Bridget Riley’s essays on grid arrangements and colour.

For Tune, Dillon presents a brand new commission, Impossible Ideal Angle, a multi-channel audio installation based on her ongoing interests in rhythm and spatial sound, and it will be installed in the West Flügel for four days as a sound installation. The work consists of speakers playing sequences of synthetic sound to explore regularity, recurrence, overlap, volume, timbre, harmonic clouds, precision and drift. The piece is different for each listener depending on their position in the room.There will be two live performances at Haus der Kunst to activate the work, for which Dillon has invited performer, Eve Stainton, to contribute to the installation with two co-devised movement interpretations of cyclical structure of the sound. Stainton is an artist interested in the politics of uncodable queer presence and its intersections with ethnic and class origin. Their accelerating and decelerating movements challenge the audience’s experience and pace of the piece.