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Specters of Communism
16.11 – 21.11.17

Christian Boltanski in Conversation with Heinz-Peter Schwerfel
Tuesday, 07.11, 5:30 pm

Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi
23.06.17 – 07.01.18

Exhibition documentation in Haus der Kunst
from 1946 until today

Saturday Studios during Advent
02.12, 09.12, 16.12 and 23.12.17

Capsule 08: Polina Kanis. The Procedure
15.09.17 – 18.03.18

Archive Gallery 2017/18
18.07.17 – 04.02.18

“Frequencies” – Action Day for students and educators
Friday, 24.11, 3 pm


Work series