Georg Baselitz — Back then, in between, and today
19.09.14 — 01.02.15

Archive Gallery in Haus der Kunst
Permanent exhibition

Expert's Tour: Carla Schulz-Hoffmann and Ulrich Wilmes
Tour of the exhibition "Georg Baselitz", Tuesday, 28.10, 6:30 pm

Opening: Anri Sala, Mohamed Bourouissa, Tilo Schulz, Victor Man
Thursday, 23.10, 7 am

Postwar Conference
Video documentation

Video workshop
for children age 11 and older, Sunday, 26.10, 2 pm

Broken. Slapstick, Comedy, and Black Humor
27.06.14 — 18.01.15

Historical Documentation

Art after work
Georg Baselitz, Thursday, 30.10, 6:30 pm