Joëlle Tuerlinckx: WORLD[K] IN PROGRESS?

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This exhibition is closed.


Exhibition overview

The artistic vocabulary of Belgian artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx (b. 1958) cites the conventions of how archive material is usually presented – Tuerlinckx combines drawing and found objects, paper, display cases, newspapers, photography collage and sculptural arrangements. A central question around which these arrangements revolve, is: What is left of the twentieth century and what conventions are we using to present our knowledge? This question stretches out and asks for the consistency of time: Isn't time much more elastic than it is linear? Are we able to perceive temporal layers simultaneously past and present? What do we comprehend as the real world or the parallel world? What do we see as original and what as imitation? And are there things that slip our mind and escape our perception? For her first major appearance in a German institution, Tuerlinckx reactivates her early works, adds elements to them, and creates new constellations. 

The exhibition was organized by Haus der Kunst, Munich, in cooperation with Wiels, Brussels, and Arnolfini, Bristol.

Friendly supported by Kunsten en Erfgoed, Arts and Heritage, Brussels.