Hamid Zénati. All-Over


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Exhibition overview

“Hamid Zénati: All-Over” is the first institutional exhibition dedicated to the work of the artist Hamid Zénati (b. 1944, Constantine, Algeria; d. 2022, Munich, Germany). Traveling between Munich and Algiers, Zénati’s artistic practice ranged from painting, textiles, interior and fashion design, to photography, always driven by an anarchic impetus to create. The presentation features work from an almost six-decade-long career and provides insight into the artist’s distinct cosmos for the first time.

Zénati’s work is characterised by the sheer inexhaustible abundance of forms, patterns, and the combination of colors, materials, and techniques. As a self-taught artist, Zénati created his powerful yet playful compositions without conceding to predetermined hierarchies or judgments. Mostly unknown, leading a diasporic life in precarious conditions, yet a keen observer of social, cultural, and artistic movements, Zénati developed a unique cosmopolitan perspective, that challenges the established boundaries between styles, genres, as well as fine and applied art.

Curated by Anna Schneider

Generously supported by The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Stiftung Kunstfonds and City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture.

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