13.4.24, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


20 € | Free with the annual card 365 Live


The live exhibition “Mute” by artist and composer Pan Daijing closes on 13.4.24 with a performative activation. During the activation, visitors are invited to explore the exhibition space in the presence of seven dancers.

“Mute” is an intricate composition of sound, light, and movement. It is also a romantic encounter which involves the performers, the audience and the rarely used rooms of the Westgalerie at Haus der Kunst.

Individual voices repeatedly emerge and fade away, embedded in a composition that combines virtuoso singing and electronic music. Starting from her landmark performance and the album Tissues (2019/2022) the human voice – its individuality but also its uncontrollability – has been a central concern in Daijing's work.

Within this sonic continuum, the audience can move freely through the landscape created by the artist. They become part of this space and, as Daijing puts it: “Everything becomes music.” Islands and rivers of light create unusual visual axes that delicately frame silhouettes and cast long shadows. The performers appear like shadows, as they oscillate between subject and object, living body and still image. Their slowed-down movements evoke the scenario of a constantly changing reality. The gloam, in which everything appears less differentiated, allows visitors to follow their own associations and to expand Daijing's poetic images in their imagination. Daijing composes with immaterial materials such as time and timing and weaves the many different, parallel situations into an emotional narrative about human vulnerability.

The activation of “Mute” will be performed by Amie Jammeh, Chihiro Araki, Cary Shiu, Camilla Brogaard, Kelvin Burkard, Leah Katz, Wai Lok Chan and Pan Daijing.

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