23.3.24, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


15 € regular | 12 € reduced | Free admission with “365 Live”


Friday, 22.3.24
Sold out | 8 pm | Puce Mary, Leila Bordreuil. Concert

Saturday, 23.3.24
6 pm | Puce Mary. Artist Talk
Sold out | 8 pm | Puce Mary, Leila Bordreuil. Concert

In March, TUNE will present two concerts featuring Puce Mary and Leila Bordreuil. Additionally, Puce Mary will engage in an artist talk with curator Sarah Miles.

Puce Mary is the solo project of Danish-born experimental musician, composer and sound artist Frederikke Hoffmeier. With a long career in experimental electronic music, Puce Mary has a reputation for intense live performances that span from gripping renditions of cinematic composition to the full-on fury of off-the-cuff harsh noise. With countless releases (PAN, Posh Isolation, Ascetic House), performances and collaborations with artists such as Drew McDowall, Kali Malone, Varg2TM, Dan Johansson and Loke Rahbek, Puce Mary has reached wide acclaim for her powerful and unique blend of modern experimental electronic and noise music.

Leila Bordreuil is a Brooklyn based cellist, composer and sound artist from France. Her cello playing is often improvised, and mainly focuses on texture variations and a collage of phantom overtones and pitched utterances. Through an original vocabulary of extended techniques, preparations, and imaginative amplification methods, her instrument is used as an abstract resonant body to challenge conventional cello practice. Her composed works draw from a similar texture-based musical aesthetic, but also focus on the relationship between sound and space. In her site-specific electro-acoustic compositions, architecture is the foundation of the piece and musicality arises from an organized spacialization of sound.

For Tune, as a way of honouring traditions of DIY art communities and the immediacy of underground music culture, Puce Mary will present a live audio installation where snippets of the performance are live recorded, assembled and distributed as unique fragmental pieces, documents in real time. Puce Mary will be joined by the musician Lelia Bordreuil.

TUNE 2024 is supported by UNITEL Musikstiftung

TUNE 2024 is supported by UNITEL Musikstiftung