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There are many more stories to tell than are initially obvious in our exhibition rooms. The blog offers insights behind the scenes more diverse infos on the exhibitions, artists and the work at Haus der Kunst.

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    From the Imagination to the Real

    Andrea Lissoni and Julienne Lorz talk with Joan Jonas about the transformation from performances to installations, the role of animals and the negotiation of space in their video works.

    by Andrea Lissoni

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    "A call to disorder"

    A transcript of a conversation between artist Lamin Fofana and Curator Sarah Miles on his installation in the Terrace Hall of Haus der Kunst. They talk about unconventional spaces, the artist’s practice and his sources, the tyranny of Western music theory and much more.

    by Sarah Miles

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    Brainwashed - Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans about his video work "Lights (Body)"

    The artists gathered in "Brainwashed" critically reveal commercial visual languages, their contradictory promises and clichés. We spoke with four of them about the background and current references of the video works shown in the exhibition.

    by Haus der Kunst

  • by Marion Vogel NEW! #BlogHDK


    The Art of Behaving Badly: Interview with “Käthe Kollwitz” from the Guerrilla Girls

    The Guerrilla Girls, founded more than thirty years ago in New York, are now among the icons of feminist activism in the international art world. We talked to “Käthe Kollwitz” one of the founders about feminism, the story of the performance group and the upcoming performance at Haus der Kunst.

    by Lisa Paland