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There are many more stories to tell than are initially obvious in our exhibition rooms. The blog offers insights behind the scenes more diverse infos on the exhibitions, artists and the work at Haus der Kunst.

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  • NEW! #BlogHDK


    PHOTOS WANTED: #MyBarlowMoment

    Instagram promotion: Be inspired by Barlow's sculptures and walk through the city, capturing your very own Barlow moment on camera. Then post your favourite picture on Instagram using the hashtag #MyBarlowMoment.

    by Haus der Kunst

  • NEW! #BlogHDK


    Stretch your view! Haus der Kunst launches a museum blog

    As a new internet-based communication channel and mediation platform, the blog allows us to let our online community participate in the development of our exhibitions and events in the international art scene and to convey the content of Haus der Kunst in diverse ways.

    by Lilli Christoph-Homberg