Christoph Schlingensief "18 Images a Second"

EXHIBITION 25.05 – 16.09.07

The film and theatre director and artist Christoph Schlingensief will present his installation "18 Images a Second" at the Haus der Kunst, a work created especially for the building's former Hall of Honour.

Over the last two years Schlingensief has once again begun to deal with the medium film more intensely, something that is clearly reflected in his work for the Haus der Kunst. Two filmic work complexes form the installation's focus: "African Twin Towers" and short films that have been shot while the artist directed the "Flying Dutchman" at the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil.

Christoph Schlingensief presents the uncut version of his film, "African Twin Towers", in which he unites the Nordic and European world of legends with African Shamanism and the present, the music of Patti Smith with texts by Elfriede Jelinek and the acting of the Fassbinder actress Irm Hermann. At the same time he has designed a portrait of everyday occurrences in which political "heroes" appear, as well as other figures. 

The film location is a "rotating disk", referred to as an "Animatograph" by Schlingensief, on which a ship with two masts stands. On these masts hang the twin towers. All this stood in Lüderitz in Namibia, a former German colony in South West Africa. The German present is staged and each day the movie begins anew under the constant surveillance of different cameras. This time Schlingensief is everything: director, actor and one of four cameramen.

In Manaus Schlingensief has been shooting many short films in connection with his work on the "Flying Dutchman". The project's central theme is the idea of salvation. Richard Wagner was constantly preoccupied with this idea and in his last opera, Parsifal (1882), which Schlingensief staged in 2004 for the Bayreuth Festival, he tried to come to terms with it once and for all.

These films are embedded in the Haus der Kunst installation, which is dominated by an over-sized scene of the Lord's Supper with Mohammed. A carnival float from Manaus serves as the installation's model. Underneath this depiction of the Lord's Supper are various booths, in which the films from Manaus and Africa rattle away on old-fashioned projectors.

Schlingensief's radicalism lies in his subjective selection and in the non-hierarchical juxtaposition of images, themes and people. He believes in the sensual power of images and in the observer's ability to free himself from his desire for linearity.

"For Schlingensief it is not a question of sharply focused things but rather haziness. I would like to endorse this belief since things that are clear are not inspiring. The world in its entirety is, in fact, incomprehensible." (Stephanie Rosenthal, curator of the exhibition)

Christoph Schlingensief's installation at Haus der Kunst is funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes.
In cooperation with Xi Festival Amazonas de Ópera and Goethe-Institut São Paulo


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Stretch your view


Christoph Schlingensief


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