Observatorium, What You See Is What You Get Felix Kruis, Natascha Simons, Antonia Beermann Photo: What You See Is What You Get

Festival of Independents — Exhibition MUNICH/NOW/HERE

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This exhibition is closed.


Exhibition overview

A new program format at Haus der Kunst: In its first installation, "Festival of Independents – Munich/Now/Here" examines Munich’s specific urban context and explores the impulses emerging from the city's independent scene. 

The program includes independent figures from various disciplines, whose forms of production are frequently intentionally small in format and informally organized. They often attempt to realize alternative lifestyles and work models. "Festival of Independents – Munich/Now/Here" presents a differentiated image of the city's cultural, social and economic landscape, thereby shifting the focus on the imaginative power of underrepresented communities and creative fields. The intention is to create a better understanding of urban space as a "precondition" for contemporary life.

The project consists of three parts: an exhibition, events and seminars. The more than seventy concerts, talks, podium discussions, film screenings and other events took place.