3.11.23, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM




Super BOOKS 4

Friday, 3.11.23, 4-10 pm

  • 5 pm | Artist Talk with Monika Huber, Bernhart Schwenk and Sabine Brantl about Archiv Einsdreissig

Saturday, 4.11.23, 12-8 pm

  • 12 Uhr | Gymnastics Class with Andreas Maus from Kunsthaus Kat18
  • 14 Uhr | Talk with Annette Gilbert, Andreas Bülhoff, Lilian Landes and Sabine Brantl

With this year's edition of Super BOOKS, Haus der Kunst kicks off Munich's Book Autumn 2023. Since its inception in 2019, the very lively and active artist book scene is coming together for the fourth time to showcase their work.

On 3. & 4. November, over 50 artists, designers, alternative publishers, and three universities will present their current productions at Haus der Kunst. In addition to producers from Germany, this year's exhibitors also come from Spain, Italy, France, Austria, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and South Korea. Participants see themselves in the tradition of the 1960s when new communication and distribution networks were forming around the post-avant-garde art scene. Their products, such as artist books, magazines, or zines, are autonomous works of art.

Super BOOKS focuses on publications that challenge and expand the boundaries of the book medium, rethinking its themes, formats, and techniques. With their ethos of accessibility, reflected in pricing and direct distribution methods, they counteract the established rules of the art market.

In addition to the presentations, workshops for all age groups will be held on both days by the teams from kultur und spielraum e.V. / pirat:innenpresse, Kunsthaus KAT18, and Haus der Kunst. Radio 80000, a non-commercial online radio station from Munich, will set up its studio during the event and broadcast live from Haus der Kunst with sound and talks.

On 3 November at 5 pm, Bernhart Schwenk, the Contemporary Art Collection Manager at Pinakothek der Moderne, and Sabine Brantl (Haus der Kunst) will host an artist talk with Monika Huber about the Archive Einsdreissig and the publication of the same name, released in 2023. For over ten years, artist Monika Huber has been daily photographing images from news reports that testify to protests, uprisings, war, violence, and their consequences. She digitally stores these images, prints them, and reworks them using painting and drawing techniques. Over the years, an archive has emerged that reveals a “grammar” of news images and invites us to critically engage with crisis reporting in television news.

To kick off the second day of Super BOOKS, Andreas Maus from Kunsthaus Kat18, an inclusive art space in Cologne, will lead a joint gymnastics class on Saturday, 4 November, at 12 pm.

At 2 pm, Lilian Landes, curator of the collection of the Artist's Books Collection at Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, and Sabine Brantl from Haus der Kunst will discuss with literature scholar Annette Gilbert and media artist and scholar Andreas Bülhoff the artistic potentials of print-on-demand, which is basically nothing other than the matrix print of the third millennium. Afterwards, the “Library of Artistic Print on Demand,” developed by Gilbert and Bülhoff with DFG funding, will be officially presented as a gift to the Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek.

Super BOOKS is a collaborative project between Haus der Kunst, AAP Archive Artist Publications, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Project Management: Sabine Brantl


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