Haus der Kunst München is looking for individuals interested to perform in and activate an upcoming exhibition by artist and composer Pan Daijing. Her studio is looking to cast a diverse and international group and especially focuses on applications by BIPoC based in Munich. Specific experience with performance and dance is not required.

Central to the exhibition and commissioned by Haus der Kunst München, the artist will produce a new performance including a sonic composition, choreography and a setting that takes over the entire west gallery and adjacent spaces inside and outside the building. Drawing on opera and noise music, Daijing develops unique improvisational techniques to challenge the boundaries between objects and experiences. During the entire six weeks of the exhibition, performers will use their bodies to produce sound, climb structures that reach to the ceiling and transform the installation.

Daijing’s performance practice is centred around extensive investigation into improvisational and durational methods. ‘Liveness’ is at the core of the practice and is constantly provoked, with the goal of creating a constantly evolving creative process, merging performers and audience, performance and environment, into one porous entity.

The exhibition will feature two different modes of performance. During its opening phase, from 7th-10th March, eleven performers will be involved in four evening performances taking place across the exhibition space. In the second phase, from 10th March to 14th April, two of the original eleven performers will continue to animate the space and transform the installation, creating an afterimage of the initial activation and making Haus der Kunst tangible as a living being.


Pan Daijing Haus der Kunst, Westgalerie

Rehearsals : February 2024 in Berlin and 03.03.–06.03. in Munich

Phase 1 Opening Performances (11 performers, 18:00-21:00)

Phase 2, Durational Performance (2 performers, daily, except Tuesdays, 13:00-17:00)

Auditions will take place in Munich in October.

Participants should be able to make a firm commitment for all the aforementioned dates. Rehearsals and performances are paid, travel and accommodation will be covered.

Haus der Kunst follows the recommendations of the Bundesverband Freier Darstellender Künste e.V.

Please send us your application, including a short text with your interests and a photo by Monday 25.9.23.

Contact: Lydia Antoniou, Curatorial Department: , +49 89 21127 126