Ulrich Wilmes: "Between Reading and Seeing"

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"The route that Mel Bochner has followed in pursuit of his artistic identity has had numerous twists and turns, detours and cul-de-sacs." (Ulrich Wilmes) 
In his essay "Between Reading and Seeing", Haus der Kunst's chief curator Ulrich Wilmes retraces the development of the American artist Mel Bochner's oeuvre. Bochner is considered one of the founders of Conceptual Art that radically broke with painting's dominant position in the early 1960s. Mel Bochner achieved this by introducing language into his paintings. In his more recent works, Bochner increasingly deals with examining this once-maligned medium.

Verwandte Ausstellung:

Mel Bochner: If The Color Changes (#4), 1998 Öl und Acryl auf Leinwand,  91.4 x 121.9 cm. Sammlung Lizbeth Marano © Mel Bochner
Mel Bochner: Wenn sich die Farbe ändert

Ausstellung, 7.3.13 — 23.6.13