As part of Nico Vascellari's performance Alessio (2023), which will be exhibited on 26.7.24, Haus der Kunst München is looking for 15 performers.

The Artist

Nico Vascellari (b. 1976, IT) is an artist based between Rome and Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Originally a musician, he has enriched is artistic practice with  performances and complex installations through different media such as video, sound and sculpture.

The Project

Alessio is a 26-year-old man. He lives in Rome and frequents the bar, opposite Nico Vascellari's studio. The artist first heard his lute, a whistle, a call. One day, Vascellari sat down in the bar, facing the young man. Alessio has a way about him that's quietly captivating, seeing the world through a different lens shaped by his autism spectrum condition, one that brings its challenges but also its unique perspectives. He communicates without words, using a blend of movements and sounds that are as much a part of him as his smile. Alessio’s cadence, a composition of repetitive gestures and sounds; constant yet ever-evolving, telling his story in a language all his own, sparked a creative journey for Vascellari, where he explores communication beyond words.

The performance Alessio begins with a single person who keeps Alessio company, in an analogue tribute to his digital presence. Through a repetitive performance of Alessio’s individual body language, the performer attempts to connect with Alessio’s world, sharing his story without altering its essence. This initial act of solitary mimicry evolves into a choreography, as more performers join the fray, each contributing their unique dialect of non-verbal language. Over the 30 minutes of the performance, the ensemble moves together, apart, and together again into a collective storytelling of the universal desire for understanding and being understood.

The project is supported by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program (2023) and was presented initially by Museo Novecento in Florence, Italy.


The performance will be shown on 26.7.24 at Haus der Kunst.

The rehearsals will take place in two moments:

  • Wednesday 17.7. and Thursday 18.7.24
  • Tuesday 23.7. and Wednesday 24.7.24


Haus der Kunst is committed to diversity and therefore welcomes all applications - regardless of age, gender, impairment, nationality, ethnic and social background or religion or worldview. Non-trained dancers and performers can also apply; however, a serious interest in the contemporary arts is required] Due to the nature of the project, we highly encourage the application of neurodivergent individuals, with whom we can collectively continue working towards more inclusive cultural institutions and care structures.

For this project, the minimum age for performers is 16 years old.
Haus der Kunst offers a working framework that is compatible with individual needs.

Send us your application (CV + references) by 13.6.24 to:


Haus der Kunst follows the recommendations of the Bundesverband Freier Darstellender Künste e.V. (Federal Association of Independent Performing Arts).

Contact persons:
Lydia Antoniou, Curatorial Department:
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