Guided tours for school classes

About Guided tours for school classes

Joan Jonas (b. 1936) is a key figure in the development of performance, video and installation - art forms that students encounter less frequently in art classes. We would like to introduce children and young people to these different artistic media and at the same time introduce them to the themes that Joan Jonas deals with.

These include, above all, the relationship between humans, nature and animals. Jonas' recent works in particular show us the beauty of the oceans and at the same time address the real threat to these habitats.

The tour also includes two practical parts. On the one hand, it will be about involving the students performatively in a work in which their bodies themselves become a projection surface. On the other hand, there will also be a drawing exercise so that the children can take home a souvenir of the exhibition.

The tours are suitable for school children of all ages and the content will be adapted to the age of the participants.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Price: 65€ for children under 12 years / 85€ for teenagers over 12 years incl. admission

Information and booking

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