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The exhibition series "Archives in Residence" at the Archiv Galerie of Haus der Kunst focuses on independent local archives as alternative places of knowledge production. In 2023, the series will be continued with testimonies of the subcultural awakening and anti-authoritarian protest movements.

Trikont was the first autonomous publishing house in the Federal Republic. Founded in Cologne in 1967 and active in Munich since 1968, Trikont opened itself to alternative perspectives and motivated new social and ecological movements. lt was no coincidence that Trikont named itself after the 1966 Tricontinental Conference in Havana, where strategies were developed against the discrimination of the so-called "Third World". Among the first and most successful books were the "Mao Bible" and Che Guevara's "Bolivian Diary", which went through eleven editions. Trikont Verlag published German-language publications and translations on the contemporary European and regional labour movement, on decolonisation and anti-fascism, on alternative ways of life and radical social changes. Also, Trikont was the starting point of the publishing house Frauenoffensive, the first autonomous feminist publishing house in the Federal Republic.

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