Ulrich Brand

Ulrich Brand researches and teaches as Professor for International Politics on the subjects globalization and its critique, global governance and transformation of the state, environmental and resource politics as well as social movements at the University of Vienna. He is, amongst others, member of the board of trustees of the Institute Solidary Modernity (ISM), co-editor of Blätter für deutsche und international Politik, and editor on the scientific advisory board of Attac Germany and of http://mosaik-blog.at/.  He was member of the Enquete Commission Growth, Well-Being, Quality of Life of the German Bundestag (January 2011 to June 2013), where he advocated for projects of a political crossover. He has worked for many years together with Markus Wissen on the concept “imperial mode of living” in order to better understand why, despite the crisis and broad consciousness that we need profound social-ecological transformation, in fact, it is so difficult to promote such far-reaching changes. His publications include Imperiale Lebensweise. Zur Ausbeutung von Mensch und Natur im globalen Kapitalismus (with Markus Wissen, 2017), and Post-Neoliberalismus? Aktuelle Konflikte – Gegenhegemoniale Strategien (2011)

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