Participants' short biographies | Fujiko Nakaya. Multiverse

Prof. Dr. Dieter Daniels

is Professor of Art History and Media Theory at Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. He specializes in media history, media art, the relationship between art and music, and monument and memory culture. 1984 he co-founded the Videonale Bonn. His most recent book Video Theories: A Transdisciplinary Reader was published by Bloomsbury in 2022.

Ariana Dongus

is PhD candidate and research assistant at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, teaches art and media philosophy and coordinates the research group Artificial Intelligence and Media Philosophy founded by Prof. Pasquinelli. Specializes in the critique of digital economies of our time. Researches feminist and postcolonial literature, machine intelligence, and new forms of work.

Dr. Anne-Marie Duguet

is an art critic and curator and professor emerita of aesthetics and media art at The Sorbonne University. She is the editor Fujiko Nakaya - Fog / Brouillard, anarchive n°5 (2012) and the co-editor of the forthcoming catalogue Fujiko Nakaya (Hatje Cantz, 2022) accompanying the exhibition “Nebel Leben”.

Dr. Haden Guest

is the Director of the Harvard Film Archive and Senior Lecturer on Art, Film, and Visual Studies at Harvard University. He co-curated the Iwanami Film Program in the exhibition “Nebel Leben”.

Go Hirasawa

is a film curator and researcher at Meiji Gakuin University’s Institute for Language and Culture. He specializes in historical Japanese avant-garde film.

Dr. Michelle Kuo

is a curator, writer, and art historian. Marlene Hess Curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA. Working on a book about the collective Experiments in Art and Technology.

Philippe Rahm

is architect and lecturer. His work in theory and practice defined the fields of physiological and meteorological architecture and constructed atmospheres. He is a contributor to the forthcoming catalogue Fujiko Nakaya (Hatje Cantz, 2022) accompanying the exhibition “Nebel Leben”.

Jenna Sutela

is an artist and works with biological and computational systems to create sculptures, videos and music. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research and its philosophical implications, Sutela’s work is often processual and always science fictional, or science poetic by nature.

Hiroko Tasaka

is a curator of the Department of Moving Image at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. since 2009 she Co-curates the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions and worked at Fujiko Nakaya’s studio.

Dr. Takuya Tsunoda

is Assistant Professor of Japanese Film and Media in Columbia University’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. He is working on a book about Iwanami Productions, contributing further historical analysis of the production company’s influence on Japanese media culture.

Helmut Völter

is a graphic designer and artist. His research on scientific cloud photography resulted in the books Cloud Studies (Spector, 2014) and The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji: Photographed and Filmed by Masanao Abe (Spector, 2016) as well as exhibitions in Japan, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.

Catherine Wood
is the Director of Program for Tate Modern. In 2017 she co-curated the exhibition Tate Live: Ten Days, Six Nights including a fog sculpture by Fujiko Nakaya. She contributed an essay to the forthcoming catalogue Fujiko Nakaya (Hatje Cantz, 2022) accompanying the exhibition “Nebel Leben”.

Prof. Dr. Mi You

is a curator and professor in the Department of Art and Economies at the University of Kassel and the documenta Institute. Since 2018 she co-led the project Unmapping Eurasia. Her research concerning transcultural networks and new and historical materialisms intersects with the physical and conceptual properties of Nakaya’s fog sculptures.

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