Igor Chubarov

Igor Chubarov (Dr. habil. phil.), born 1965 in Kursk/Russia, he studied the history of philosophy at Lomonossov-Universität Moskau, and received his PhD in 1996 on the topic of „Phenomenological Philosophy in Russia“ and a habilitation on „Collective Sensuality“ He is a Professor at Moscow State University; editor of the philosophical magazine Logos; published of the Logos-altera-Verlags (Moskau). He is a member of the Centre of Modern Philosophy and Social Sciences in the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow State University, a fellow of the Center for Literary Research (Berlin, 2002 – 2003), scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Berlin, 2006-2008) and the Volkswagen Foundation (Bochum, 2009-2011); the author of works on modern art and early-Soviet Proletarian art, the history of Russian philosophy, theories of power, the theory of machines and media theory.

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