Historical Archive

Historical Archive

Haus der Kunst opened its Historical Archive in 2005. A wealth of documents and other materials has been available to the public ever since. These materials provide insight into the institution’s development and exhibition business since the 1930s.

The Archive contains important source material for research related to art and contemporary history. The information contained in accounting records of the Haus der Deutschen Kunst, was made accessible on the online database www.gdk-research.de.

The holdings may be used upon request by academics, journalists, students and people interested in history; prerequisite is a well-founded academic or objective interest.

All use of the Historical Archive is by appointment and should include a description of the research topic. More general inquiries are usually answered in writing. When submitting questions or requests, please provide your complete name and address, as we cannot respond to those sent anonymously.

Sabine Brantl
Curator Archive / Head of Learning
+49 89 21127 132

Photo: Wilfried Petzi