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"I like the idea of working with unconventional spaces, where you're not expecting certain things to happen. And the Terrace Hall is a passageway, a transitory or in-between space. I like the idea of situating sound there, in that space that's just between the inside of the museum and the outside, again stretching the boundaries between conscious and unconscious, between one place and another, between what we see, and what we hope to see, what has happened, and what we hope will happen."

For the Terrace Hall at Haus der Kunst, Lamin Fofana realized the installation "a call to disorder". It is part of an ongoing project in which Fofana focuses on the "wild, uncontrollable, extramusical side of composition, refusing to put things in order and stretching the boundaries between noise and music", as he explained in conversation with curator Sarah Miles. "The way I work with sound and present sound is to create a space that you enter into and spend some time inside with other people. You become not simply an audience member, but also a participant in an ongoing experiment. [...] Depending on where you are sitting or standing, you might feel certain frequencies differently. It affects the way what you'll hear it and perhaps how you are respond to it, because I guess that's one of the main things about this. It provokes response. [...] The world of music and of sound could be a lot more richer. It could be a lot more deeper and more meaningful, if we all don't just adhere to this simple classical music theory. I like the idea of the extramusical, that music is happening even before the musician begins to play, even before they hit the first note, as the people are entering the space, greeting each other."