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On the occasion of the opening of Ellen Gallagher's exhibition "AxME" at Haus der Kunst, Ellen Gallagher shared the stage with Ulrich Wilmes
(chief curator, Haus der Kunst) in a public conversation. This survey exhibition takes an overview of Gallagher's practice, exploring the themes that have emerged and recurred from her seminal early canvases and her "wigmap" grid collages, through to recent film installations and new work series. Gallagher brings together imagery from myth, nature, art, and social history to create complex works in a wide variety of media. Through a painstaking process of obscuring and layering, she transforms imagery from an eclectic range of literature, music, or advertising until only traces of them are left visible through a veil of inky smudges, punctures, stains, and abrasions to suggest a strange and unsettling imaginary world. Wilmes, the exhibition's curator, engaged in dialogue with Gallagher about the influence of her own biography, science, and literature in her art, the origination process of her multilayered works, as well as the development of African-American artists in the art world since the 1990s.

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Exhibition, 28.2.14 — 13.7.14