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The performance Kreb Core Cargo, newly conceived by Jo Penca (*1989) in collaboration with the electronic-duo Les Trucs, opens up an utopian change of perspective onto the relationship between humans and the world that surrounds them, resulting in an accessible spatial and sound installation on view for several weeks.

Kreb Core Cargo begins with the setting of a fishing port. Harbour workers find misshapen sea creatures in the cargo containers brought ashore. They tell each other ‘sailor’s yarn’ about the unusual creatures, slip into the unknown animal bodies and, through this transformative act, become crab creatures. By the ‘change of the shell’ social codes – for example repressive gender roles, or species-specific superiority – can be questioned. How does the crab shell change the way we look at the world?

Music composition: Les Trucs (Toben Piel and Charlotte Simon)

Dulcimer and recorder: Lisa Schöttl

Light design: Jakob Penca

Curated by Jana Baumann Curatorial assistance: Luisa Seipp

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Jo Penca. Kreb Core Cargo

Exhibition, 11.11.21 — 28.11.21