Vivan Sundaram: Disjunctures

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  • 2018

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History and Empahthy

History, memory and archive are central themes for the Indian artist Vivan Sundaram, whose international career spans nearly five decades. His work is interspersed with contmporary and historical references and explores the social dimension and political significance of art. While working as a painter in the late 1960s, he shifted to a broader conception of art in the early 1990s, a transformation that reflects his keen interest in materiality and materials of both craft and industrial origin. The publication presents and examines the work of a highly individual artist, who does not shy away from being a witness to the times.

Hardcover book, 200 pages, 21,5 x 28,0 cm, 115 colored illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-7913-5775-1

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Publisher: Prestel  

First edition:  04.07.2018

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Vivan Sundaram: Disjunctures

Exhibition, 29.6.18 — 1.1.19